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Making Limoncello – Day 1


1).Wash and dry 12 Meyer Lemons. I am using Lemons freshly picked from my Lemon Tree.

2). With a vegetable peeler press lightly down and lift up slightly to peel.  *See the picture showing a Peel with Pithe (the white) and a Peel without Pithe. You want as little as possible of the white part.  It will take a little practice.  *Strive for the Lemon Peel that is on the left side of the picture. You just want the Lemon Rind not the white part but it is nearly impossible not to get some.

3). In a large sterile Jar with Lid add in all the Lemon Peels. *Approx. 2 overstuffed Cups.

4). Add 1- 750ml Bottle Everclear Grain Alcohol 

5). Cover tightly and put in a dark place. I added a label to the top of the Jar and dated it.   We will check back in 1 week to see how it is coming along, but don’t open the jar or taste.  The Lemon Rind is infusing into the Alcohol and need not be disturbed!  This process before adding sugar will take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks. I will send updated pictures.  After that the process will take about 1 – 1/2 months up to 2 months. Connie and I  are experimenting with the time frame. Next steps are to add Sugar and Water. That’s all it takes!  Stay tuned….

*NOTE: Food Photography by Jules (property of)

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