Look at these gorgeous Meyer Lemons from my tree!  I actually have never tasted a lemon like this in my life.

They’ve got a mellow taste that’s hard to describe, almost buttery in nature which seems so strange and the juice is out of this world. There are hundreds of pieces of fruit hanging from this tree. I know I can’t possibly use them all and so many other people who live here already have Lemon trees so I thought, let’s make Limoncello and then I can share that with my friends.  A friend Connie and I were talking the other night and decided that we would make a large batch of Limoncello together.  We compared recipes and are going to start the process next week. I will keep you posted on the process and also include the recipe.  Stay tuned!

*NOTE: Food Photography by Jules (property of)

8 thoughts on “Limoncello”

    1. Hi Becky! It is made up of Vodka, Water, Sugar and Lemon Rinds. It’s quite a process and takes about 30-45 days or more to seap and turn into a syrupy mixture. Afterwards you put them into wine bottles or small cute bottles. It is a very popular sipping drink in Italy and Europe. Someone gave me a recipe and with all the Lemons I have it should be perfect. You store it in the freezer. I am going to give it away as gifts.

    1. Hi Jon, I will give you some when it’s done. Ya, we are having a hard time finding it. Someone told me that you can find 151 proof but it is way too strong. We may go with 100 proof. The problem is you want to make sure that the mixture (Sugar/Water/Alcohol) when all is said and done doesn’t freeze. When you store it in the fridge you want it to remain liquid. It will be an experiment!

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