Welcome to “Just Jules in the Kitchen!”  

I am in my favorite place; the Kitchen!  Here I am making one of my favorite things; “French Potatoes”!  Easy to make, delicious and something you will find yourself making over and over again.  You will find the recipe in my upcoming Cookbook. In that book I teach you “step by step” recipes and if you follow them to a tee, the recipes will be foolproof everytime!  

How many times have you set out to make something from a recipe, you follow it and it’s a flop?  I’ve heard horror stories. So, if you follow the recipes as I have them laid out, you will have foolproof recipes that you can be proud to share with your family and friends. They are all my own original recipes and I have experimented and perfected each and every one of them so all you have to do is follow the steps.

I am super excited to share my PASSION for food, food styling and photography, entertaining, creating new and delicious recipes and teaching you about technique and different products.  As one of my favorite Chefs, Bob likes to say, “cooking is like dancing with your eyes closed…let’s begin the dance…”


Food Photography by Jules (property of)


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